Victory Harben: Ghosts of Omos (graphic novel)

Kickstarter Exclusive Main Cover

Script by Mike Wolfer
Story, Series Concept, & Expanded Canon by Christopher Paul Carey and Mike Wolfer
Art by Alessandro Ranaldi
Kickstarter Exclusive Main Cover by Richard Ortiz & Arthur Hesli
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc, 2024

Hurled 230,000 lightyears across the galaxy, young scientist and adventurer Victory Harben finds herself on the strange planet of Zandar in the Omos planetary system. Together with Tii-laa, a member of the Kii-vaa tribe, she must confront the brutal alien Keelars, who inflict horrible atrocities upon Tii-laa’s peaceful people. But who is the mysterious being, known only as The One from Above, who lurks behind these horrible crimes, and what means have Victory and Tii-laa to put a halt to his maleficent plans?

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